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Prime Minister’s special aide Jamshed Cheema backs Qalandar Badshah

Muhammad Arshad
22 Sep, 2021

22 ستمبر ، 2021

Muhammad Arshad
22 Sep, 2021

22 ستمبر ، 2021

Prime Minister’s special aide Jamshed Cheema backs Qalandar Badshah


LAHORE: Investigations Wing of Lahore Police has succumbed to the pressure of a “Qalandar  Badshah”, whose followers (murids) had subjected a businessman and his 75-year-old father to severe torture in his (qalandar) presence on Canal Road, snatched his licensed pistol, cell phones and wrist watch from them, as not a single accused person has been arrested even after the lapse of one month reportedly due to the backing of Special Assistant to Prime Minister Jamshed Cheema to the accused party.


Lahore Investigations police have also set an example by receiving the snatched pistol from accused persons and avoiding their arrest. Other valuables including expensive wrist watch and two cell phones are still with the accused persons. Only four accused persons have secured bail while at least 20 others are still at large.


As per FIR of the incident, Senior Vice Chairman of Mall Road Traders Association Adil Shah was on his way to Mall Road along with his elderly father Iqbal Shah on August 15, 2021 at around 10 p.m. As he reached near Ferozpur Road underpass, he witnessed an SUV plying on Canal Road and surrounded by at least 15 bikes and 30 riders.


He tried to get his way over which the bikers started knocking at his car and forced him to stop. As he stopped the vehicle, the bikers broke the window of the car and asked the victims to come out of the car. As the victim asked the reason behind highhandedness, the violent followers of Qalandar Shah said that they had dared to cross the cavalcade of Qalandar Badshah.


Within no time, the accused persons started beating him with kicks and clubs. Meanwhile, the accused persons approached his father who tried to call police for help, gave him a good thrashing and broke his glasses.


The man sitting in the SUV kept on witnessing the manhandling but never stopped, the victim told. The accused persons looted the aforementioned valuables including Rolex watch worth Rs 1 million and two iphones worth Rs 140,000. They also picked up his licensed pistol and attempted to kill him. The victim survived as the bullets hit the car. The accused persons left the victims in a very critical condition by hurling life threats.


As the victims reached hospital and went through medical examination, it revealed that Adil Shah’s ribs and nose bone were badly fractured. He had bruises at almost every part of his body. He remained admitted at Jinnah hospital for over 15 hours.


The trader informed police. Muslim Town police after verifying the incident registered an FIR 716/21 under sections 506b, 427, 379, 440, 147, 148 and 149 of PPC. The victim alleged that police did not add section 395 of PPC as the accused persons had snatched valuables on gunpoint. The medical of the victim was issued on August 20 which suggested sections 337-A3, 337-A1 and 337-F1 due to facial fracture. However, the IO added these sections after 15 days of the receiving of medical report. The result of ribs facture is still under observation, the victim told.


Now at least one month has passed of the incident, Lahore police have yet to arrest any of the accused persons including their Qalandar Badshah later identified as Peer Masoom Shah of Canal View Society.


The victim has alleged that SP Investigations Iqbal Town Tahir Maqsood ordered Incharge Investigation and IO not to arrest the accused persons rather pressurize the complainant for reconciliation.


Sources told APNN that Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) Jamshed Cheema personally met with SP Investigations and ordered him to resolve the case amicably instead of taking any further legal action. Jamshed Cheema sent his secretary to the “Aastana” of Qalandar Badshah to get the pistol of victim. He got the pistol and handed it over to SP. The SP later handed it over to former Incharge Investigation Fayyaz Bhatti. Not a single person was taken into custody to strengthen the course of investigation, the victim alleged.


The victim knocked the doors of DIG Investigations and SSP Investigations several times but returned hopeless. The victim also told APNN that the accused persons contacted at least every notorious criminal in the City to pressurize him for reconciliation.


Jamshed Cheema took the whole burden on his shoulders as he had close ties with the Qalandar Badshah. SP Investigation Tahir Maqsood talking to APNN denied the allegations. He flatly refused of getting any pistol from accused persons. He also denied meeting or talking to Jamshed Cheema on this matter. To a question about the arrest of accused persons, he said to his information four persons are on interim bail.


Contrary to the denial of SP Investigations, SAPM Jamshed Cheema talking to this correspondent admitted that he got involved into this matter due to his ‘close relationship’ with Masoom Shah. He further told that he had sent his secretary to Masoom Shah to collect pistol and handed it over to police.


He further said he had decided to resolve the issue personally by meeting the aggrieved party. However, as his (Cheema) sons were poisoned, he got busy there and could not get in touch with the parties.


To a question that he should have allowed legal course take its way instead of favoring the accused persons, he said the legal system goes in the favor of accused persons, therefore he decided to apologize from the victims personally. He said Peer Masoom Shah or his son would also meet the victims to seek apology. To another question that the entire episode had happened in the presence of Masoom Shah, Cheema said he personally knows Masoom Shah and he was not such kind of a person. However, his followers are in great number and they could have manhandled with the victims to this extent in the love of his following.  Jamshed Cheema said he had received call from Qalandar Shah on Monday as well and he was asking him to wind up the issue.


On Monday, SSP Investigations Capt (r) Mansoor Aman had asked the IO about the valuables and pistol. The IO told SSP that the pistol was with him while he could not get other valuables so far. Efforts were made to take the version of DIG Investigations but he did not respond to the call.


The victims have appealed to the prime minister of Pakistan for justice saying he was their last hope. If the justice was denied, they would wind up their business and would prefer leaving the country.

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